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Massage Modalities

Massage Therapy at WRA

Here at Warrior’s Retreat Annex, we work with a lot of athletes and have integrated different types of massage to build our signature modality which we call “traction massage”. When you receive “traction massage”, your muscles are stretched from the muscle belly out releasing (“rolling”) adhesions out to allow for release in a more natural, less invasive way. WRA disagrees with the stereotypical “no pain no gain” massage. Our goal is to find a way to accomplish deep work without feeling like you were hit by a truck the day after, particularly since our clients include special forces teams, and athletes. You need to be able to perform at the top of your game immediately. Hindering your performance regardless of your profession is never our goal.

Our Focus is You.

Sports  |  Couples  |  Swedish  |  Pre-natal
Deep tissue  |  Post-op  |  Lymphatic Therapy  |  Reflexology

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