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Christina Silas, LMT

This is My Story

From a young age I can remember always being interested in helping people. My family always told me I should look into massage therapy so when a time in my life made me look at different career paths, I finally took the chance and discovered that massage therapy was what my passion is!

I was an active athlete in high school and have suffered from injuries causing me to turn to massage therapy to help. I became very fascinated and curious about modalities such as Rolfing, Medical Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy. These modalities have given me a hand in weightlifting since then! After graduating from the Advanced Fuller School of Massage therapy and gaining some valuable and applicable experience over the last four years, I am looking forward to gaining more extensive knowledge in myofascial, neuromuscular and medical techniques.

I love working with athletes and/or anyone who puts their bodies through extremes either for recreation or for work, or anyone who can benefit from the the therapies I like to apply in my practice. Looking forward to having you on my table in the near future!