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Eddie Duran, Massage Therapy Graduated Student

This is My Story

Having been in the military and playing rugby overseas living a fast paced life then becoming a father I’ve really learned that taking time to reset is one of the hardest things to do. Feeling like I just have to keep going and push on no matter what. I found my balance and regained even more strength through massage therapy. Now that I’m retired I found that not only does it feel great to reset, but also that it is an awesome and rewarding feeling to help others find that peace and reset even if it’s only one session at a time. With my massage therapy practice, I am trained in several modalities, however, sports massage is my strength!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with service members in the military and the Washington Redskins and have felt privileged to help them feel relaxed and reset giving them time to breathe and re-center. I feel my personal experience as an athlete and service member helps me connect to the hard woking, hard hitting, and fast paced people seeking the opportunity to feel great, relaxed, and reset. I look forward and would be honored to have you come in and allow me to work on you.

“I will give you my best so that you can do your best”