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Heidi Eaton, LMT

This is My Story

When I was in the Army, I was injured over seas and when I was told I may never get full range of motion back in my neck I decided to look at other options. Once I started to receive massage on a regular basis, I was able to start taking baby steps back to complete health and getting full range of motion back to my neck! Why stop there? I was so enthusiastic about my triumph I decided to go to school to learn how I could help others going through similar setbacks.

I started school in early 2003 and became Nationally Certified in 2005. Athletes I’ve worked on include the Norfolk Admirals Hockey Team, Notre Dame football/hockey/baseball/soccer teams, Virginia Beach Mariners Soccer Team, S.E.A.L. team members among many other Special Forces teams. I also work on numerous World Champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters as well as Mixed Martial Artists. I’ve worked for two very admirable plastic surgeons in the Hampton Roads area performing pre-surgical massage- stripping adhesion out of the way for easier procedures then lymphatic therapy for post-surgery helping to speed up the healing process and minimize scarring.

One of my favorite warriors to work on is the most feared warrior of all… the MOM! People who are not stay at home mothers have no idea how difficult this task is. It takes a lot of strength to try to keep everything moving on time, on track, and with a smile on her face. When you have the car packed, the lunches packed, the kids, husband and pets fed, watered and pottied then the baby drops his binky in the back seat and you reach around to get it to stop him from screaming louder than an ambulance siren and you strain a muscle- THAT my friends is a special force. The one that makes you push through to get to where you’re going. How about before you get wound up so tightly that you hurt yourself and can’t take care of anyone else, call me. I promise I can help. I have an official stamp from the guarantee fairy 😉
It’s very upsetting when you’re in pain and you go to get a massage and leave feeling worse than when you walked in. I’ve been there plenty of times unfortunately and I promise that stops with me.