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Treana Morris, LMT


This is My Story

Treana loves nature and believes that the body can naturally heal itself with some gentle guidance. There are many tools in the natural health field that can help with anything from minor pains up to what people consider deadly dis-ease. Massage is one of the many tools to help the body, mind and soul heal itself. Treana is so happy to have learned many ways to help people with discomfort with massage and other bodywork and energy work.

Treana began her massage career by attending massage school in Virginia in 2000-2002, while she continued her accounting career with the US government. Unhappy with her initial career choice, she decided to get into the natural health field and be able to help people in some way. That way for her was massage therapy. She became nationally certified in 2003 (336060-00). In 2004 she moved to Arizona from Virginia and threw herself into a full time career as a massage therapist (AZ licensed as of 2004 MT-00983). People really loved her touch and empathetic nature and she quickly became so busy that she expanded and hired other therapists to meet the goals she had set of helping people naturally improve their health. While her business was thriving, she and her husband got the opportunity to move to Germany with his job. So, she sold her massage business and moved to Germany April 2013. She enjoyed the opportunity to work in the Clay Kaserne Fitness Center in Wiesbaden, Germany and felt fortunate to meet and work with the military, civilian and contractor community through her techniques there. However, she left the fitness center and worked her final 2 years in Germany as a traveling therapist and enjoyed working with her clients at their homes.

Treana has learned many modalities over the years, including deep tissue, sports, swedish/relaxation, pregnancy, infant massage instruction, and NST (Neuro-structural Integration Technique). She has battled and won her fight with obesity and was successfully helping her clients in Arizona to lose weight. Fitness has become a way of life for her and feels that ties into massage very well. She is always expanding her knowledge as well, so keep checking to see what she may be offering next!