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Yoga Etiquette

    • Arrive 5 to 10 min before the class start
    • For your first visit, you may use one of our mats and mat towel free of charge. *Mats will be regularly available for your use in case you forget yours or you would like extra padding under your own mat- as long as you thoroughly wipe down the mat with our disinfectant afterwards.
    • Bring your mat, towel and water to every class. When forgotten or not available, W.R.A. will provide you with a mat and we have towel rental and water for a minimal fee.
    • Remove shoes before entering into yoga room
    • Be sure to sign in at the front desk
    • Put your personal belongings in the cubbies in foyer
    • Open and close doors quietly when class is in session
    • Turn off your cell phone before entering the studio (all the way off)
    • Practice good hygiene and avoid wearing any scents or smoking before class.The heat will intensify any smells and although you may like your perfume, it can produce migraines for others so please refrain from using it before coming in to the studio. We wish to provide the cleanest air possible for everyone to breathe!
    • Wash your yoga clothes and towel after each use
    • Avoid talking in class
    • Please clean your area and wipe up your sweat before you leave the studio
    • Clean your mat after each use. We have towels and mat cleaner for your use
    • Practice the intention of yoga as you enter studio by treating everyone with respect, compassion and love
    • Wear appropriate yoga attire. Keep in mind that although you may feel comfortable in minimal clothing, others may be a little uncomfortable with this. When you are upside down, twisted around or drenched in perspiration (think white without a sports bra or underwear) parts tend to be more visible. Attracting this type of attention in yoga is most definitely frowned upon, no matter how attractive (or handsome) you may be!

**Guys- make sure your shorts/ pants aren’t too loose or become transparent after sweating.
**Gals- make sure you don’t wear white without a sports bra.
***We put extra emphasis on attire because we also offer yoga classes practiced in black light and you may not know what to expect if you’ve not practiced in a black light style class.