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Heidi Eaton

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200

After many years of being a P.T. queen in the military, I found myself in a strange place after a surgical procedure went wrong. Leaving me unable to practice my regular workouts, I started to look for something I could do since I felt very lost. I found myself in a yoga class for the first time in many years and haven’t left my mat since! Yoga not only has helped me to maintain a very physically fit physique, it has given me a whole new outlook on life. It helps me to remember to take everything one day at a time, and to be present in the moment. I have been a practicing certified massage therapist for 15 years now and in the last few years, I started to share yoga poses that I knew would help my clients with the challenges they have in order to achieve their desired mobility. After a few years, (after really wanting to for so long) I finally decided to take yoga teacher training myself so that I can have a deeper understanding of yoga to ensure I’m giving the most help that I possibly can. Wow! That is when the transformation happened! I have such a deep respect for yoga in it’s whole now! What I thought of yoga as before was just the tip of the iceberg! My mission is to bring relief to my clients and students dealing with mobility issues; strength by helping them slow down to find a warrior within; and light by finding stillness of mind. All while having fun and being able to laugh and accept taking it all one day at a time.

Christine Harder

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2008. It teaches me to let go of my fears and expectations. Yoga reminds me to stay present to my breath and accept where my body is today without judgment. Throughout the years, I have felt such a positive transformation in my life by my daily yoga practice. I am inspired to share this gift with others and am now certified as an RYT 200.

My classes incorporate breath-centered movement and allow my students to find an expression of each pose that works best for their body. My goal as a yoga teacher is to guide my students on a path of non-judgment, self-love, and a strong connection between your mind and body. I wish for my students to use the lessons they learn on their yoga mat in their every day life. I want my students to know that when we appreciate the present moment and let go of our ego, absolute beauty, love, and magic happens.

Mackenzie Stephens

Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

“Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures: it is our home.”
— Rolf Gates

My name is Mackenzie Stephens and am certified under Rolf Gates in my home of Hampton, Virginia. I’ve always sought after balance and harmony in life. My classes have an emphasis on balance, playfulness and interconnectedness. A consistent asana practice helps quiet the mind-chatter, grants insight into the inner self and turns your mat into a place of peaceful refuge. Yoga gives me strength to persevere, feeds my soul and enhances life’s little miracles through increased mindfulness. Yoga is such a wonderful instrument that’s been fined tuned over centuries and has brought so much health and happiness into my world. My intention as a student and teacher of yoga, is to lead a class that is rewarding, relaxing and enriched with self discovery. Yoga, hiking and spending time with my dog are few of my favorite things. Hope to see you on the mat soon! Namaste.